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Why purchase YMCA-La Morelia Coffee?

La Morelia Coffee’s first priority is bringing something unique to consumers. It is a gourmet product of excellent quality with more than a half-century of tradition. Located in the heart of the Colombian coffee region, Quindío, La Morelia’s farm is backed by a skilled and committed team that relies on high-technology equipment and the best practices to provide the best product from the farm to the consumer’s table.

By purchasing YMCA-La Morelia Coffee, you will also be supporting the YMCA of Colombia and its programs aimed to improve the lives of many, from young people of vulnerable backgrounds to elderly people living in conditions of extreme poverty.

What is the YMCA of Colombia?

For 53 years, the YMCA of Colombia has been empowering the lives of young people, regardless of their religion, race, sex, or cultural background. An integral and leading community-based organization in the country, the logo We Transform Lives is demonstrated through effective programs relating to:

  • Promotion of peace and violence prevention

  • Youth opportunities

  • Eradication of child labor

  • Financial literacy

  • Youth civic engagement

  • Youth leadership development

  • Camping and camp counselor programs

  • Bilingualism and experiential education

  • Elderly living in extreme poverty

  • And more!