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Cultural and social learning

 Contribute to self-development of the programs participants through cultural and educational immersion and social service in various parts of Colombia.

How to do that?

Exchange programs contribute greatly to provide Colombian students with the opportunity to interact with foreign language teachers, to live the English language and its culture in their school environment, and to better understand the importance of communicating in this language.


  • 213 teens beneficiaries from the US Department of State English ACCESS Microscholarship participated in the ACCESS YMCA English and Leadership Camps.
  • 12152 Children and youth have been part of the YMCA English Immersion Programs developed in different schools in Colombia
  • 91 people were trained YMCA English Immersion Programs methodology.
  • 1563 Children and youth participated in the YMCA Peace Module promoting Peace and Healthy Coexistence while learning English.
  • 512 children and youth experienced our National English Immersion Camps
  • 594 people had an intercultural experience in US Summer Camps performing leadership roles.

Some programs:

Cultural Agents – YCOLead3rs

The YMCA COLead3rs program has the purpose of providing foreigners with the opportunity to interact with Colombians, experience the Colombian culture, share their own culture and help others improve their communication skills in a foreign language. A COLead3r international Volunteer has the roles of: Cultural Ambassador, English Immersion Camp Leader, and Operations Support Volunteer at our international office, partner schools and at community outreach programs.