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Economic Empowerment

The YMCA helps young people build the knowledge, skills and networks to access on create employment or economic opportunities.

How do we do that?

For the past 15 years, the YMCA of Colombia, in articulation with international cooperation entities, has been developing a national project, co-financed by the Swiss Foundation for Development – Horyzon, with the aim of contributing to the construction of peace, through the generation of opportunities for more than 1500 young people per year.


  • 25.000 young people have benefited directly from these processes
  • In 13 municipalities
  • 6 townships or rural areas
  • 90 neighborhoods
  • Since 2016 the YMCA of Colombia has the support of YMCA USA- WELLS FARGO for the training of young people in Financial Education.
  • Impacts in the construction of peace and the transformation of the lives in 2018: 3500 young people and
  • 55% Women
Some programs:

Paza la paz project

Training process in leadership and peace building that annually provides opportunities to more than 1500 young people in vulnerable situations, from 7 departments of the country, promoting their inclusion, empowerment and advocacy in peacebuilding.

In the last 15 years, more than 25 thousand young people have been trained: Coexistence and Peace, Civic Engagement, and Entrepreneurship.