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Ivonne Aguirre (Alumni)

I participated in the ICCP program, a long time ago, in the summer of 2000 and in the summer of 2001. I gave my service in Frankfurt, Kentucky in a Day Camp. It was a very nice experience, they received me very well, and I was working with children from about 7 to 15 years old. My Camp Director was a very open person, every 2 weeks or so I lived with the families that belonged to the Board of the YMCA in Frankfurt so I had the opportunity to meet many people, who still talk to me.

I have them on Facebook and many years have passed and I still have contact with them, they know about me and I know about them. It was a very enriching experience culturally, professionally, in terms of language, and definitely that experience opens one’s doors and mind to diversity, to the culture of another country. It was a very rewarding experience.

I return to what I was doing at Camp. There I specifically dedicated myself to be a Co-counselor, I helped the American counselors and because I decided to also do Spanish classes and do craft workshops, I took part of the time they had in camp to teach them Spanish and do crafts with the boys.

I can definitely catalog the experience with the YMCA as one of the most important in my life. Thanks to the experience with the YMCA, I had the opportunity to open my professional panorama for having left the country. At that time it was not so common then that opened the professional panorama, the cultural panorama, and broadened my thinking about life, my thinking and my way of seeing the world changed completely from the experience I had with the YMCA.

I can say that it was the beginning of my professional career. I can say that it is an experience that marked my life in many aspects that I already mentioned reason why I love the YMCA and I am part of it and I am promulgating the values ​​that they taught me.

I am totally convinced of their impeccable work in terms of social work, the development of values ​​for life and the development of competences in English, so I believe that this experience has definitely changed my life and gave a north that guided my professional life. there on.