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Jhoel Jimenez

What expectations did you have just before your first camp?

I was nervous because I thought that I was not going to meet many friends, that it was going to be very extreme or that we would have to sleep in tents. As for English, I thought it would be very difficult because maybe other people would have a lot of vocabulary.

As for the food, I always thought that it would be very rich and that the food would be good because for tests, like this, one needs to eat very well. At first I thought they were teachers and they were going to ask us to speak a lot of English, but I never thought that they would be people from other countries.

Which one of all the camps where you were most liked and why? How was your first day of camp?

I liked everything! I made many friends, I liked the food very much, the place was big and comfortable, and the atmosphere was very cool. When I got to my room, I saw that the bed was very comfortable.

I was a little scared because it was a new experience and at one time I felt lonely and it made me a bit sad, for the fear of being without my friends and without the people I knew, but Santiago made me laugh and everyone was fun and were good people.

What did you enjoy most during the experience of that first camp?

The coolest were my friends. Of the games, I liked the one of Dodgeball with the doctor, the pool, and the food was very delicious. In itself, all the activities I liked, but Gaga is the one I liked most in all the camps I’ve been to.

Which one of all the camps did you like most and why?

I liked them a lot, but not so much when we went to Chinauta. I did not like the farm, nor the atmosphere there and the food was not as good.

The one I liked most was the fourth camp because I met people from other countries like Korea, Spain and the United States.

How different do you think you are since you started going to camp with the YMCA?

Now I am a survivor and more independent. The experience taught me to live with more people and know how to act on different occasions in which my parents are not present. With the language, it allowed me to have more vocabulary and to have less fear when speaking it.

What do you want to be when you grow up and how do you think the YMCA can help you get there?

I want to be an architect or soccer player and the YMCA has helped me by instilling each of the camp values. I have been taught principles to know how to react in good and not-so-good situations and I know that it will also help me to be like the leaders I have lived with: Pop Tart, Sabrina, Santiago Reina, Mafe and all the other leaders. I can get to know other countries, work to earn my own money and study.