Juliana Marín

I had the opportunity to get to know the YMCA when I was still pursuing my degree in Modern Languages. I wanted to participate in an exchange program but only the Y filled my expectations. I knew that for my career, working in a summer camp with children would be a great opportunity to improve my English skills and expand the way I see the world.

I think that more than an exchange experience, my life became different and made much more sense when I traveled, I got to know another culture, I made a lot of friends and I also learned about the experience of volunteering at the YMCA..

Definitely, I made the best decision when I made the YMCA a lifestyle. Traveling to the United States as a camp leader was not only the most fun and enriching experience, it also opened the doors to me in the world of work. always something new to bring to my classes, based on the experience of having taught Spanish at a summer camp.

Participating in ICCP will always be an experience that positively contributes to young people. You are being yourself, you come back in an improved version, you become a being wanting to continue knowing the world, with a more open mind and with all the confidence of continuing to grow personally, professionally and even spiritually.

I think the YMCA is a movement that transforms lives. Mine will always be better since I joined as a volunteer of the movement. The Y will always give you a chance to have the best experiences of your life