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Laura Martins

When I first arrived, everything seemed new and confusing and I was frustrated because I built different expectations. BUT with time and advice from supervisors and other volunteers I chose to give my best and ever since then I have loved every single day.

I go to school and I can’t help but smile when the kids greet me. It is amazing to see a 6-year-old that cries every day and then starts responding to your smile. Also, to see kids that don’t speak English but want to try to say something just to talk to you. I like how the teachers treat us and the students.

The teacher I’m working with is really good with working with children and I am learning a lot from her.

When I’m in the office I appreciate the tasks I’m given because I know that I’m a part of something important no matter how small the task might seem. It wasn’t always like this, but now I can say for sure that my work days have been perfect even when we face challenges.

I’m very thankful for being here, to serve and learn. I learn something from each and every volunteer I meet because they teach by example, without even trying. What I have learned overall is that the YMCA in Colombia brings out the inner leader, teacher, and advocate in youth volunteers, who then demonstrate the values the organization promotes, as well as professionalism and creativity.

I am very thankful for this experience and I have decided to extend my stay for another year as a volunteer for the YMCA. Colombia has felt like home and the YMCA like family.