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Lorena Velandia

My experience in Sherman Lake really was a new beginning, it is the perfect plan for teenagers to see all that life can bring us, and even more, can make us realize what we can achieve, looking for different ways to do it, this experience is perfect to meet new cultures and people.

My life was based on something very basic, I studied English but I did not care much about learning, I was fine with what life brought me without much effort. It was very basic and I did not value the great efforts of my parents, I also ignored what I could achieve.

During Sherman Lake, In terms of communication, it was really difficult, but I found the way to communicate and learn. Thanks to Mafe and my leaders, I could have two unique weeks and wanting to return!

I got to know new places, new people, new cultures, new foods, etc. There were many things that I learned, including learning to be responsible without my parents wandering there. What I learned most from this experience was to value absolutely everything that life brings us.

As the camp taught me to have an organizational chart I can adequately do my days, I try more in what my parents give me since they only do it because I will need it, for example English classes, lately despite how hard this is I have tried hard over the years because Sherman Lake is really the best start that a person can have after that I am willing to keep fighting for my dreams because I found total perfection there.