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Natalia Restrepo

Every time I hear the word camp it’s like having a blast from the past, because camp is one of the most enhancing experiences I’ve ever lived, l have done this kind of experiences twice camp and then I went as an exchange student to Canada for 3 months.

This experience has thought me so much that I cannot explain. At first when we were at the airport El Dorado in Bogota I knew that when we jumped on this first flight I was never going to be the same person I was before camp. That is what this experience teaches you that as soon as you begin there’s no way to come out as the same person you were.

In my point of view before this amazing experience is that before we departed I was the shyest person you will ever see, l was not that responsible, I was not that independent. But when I first saw camp and the people l was going to be with, that is when I first knew that I did not have to worry about the people that were at camp. Everybody was so caring, responsible, respectful and HELPFUL because even if I knew english they were helpful in every way.

The group of people I’m talking about are the counsellors they made this experience for us so much easier, they helped us from minute one till the last second we were there, they helped us with everything but they helped kids that didn’t know so much english. But then there’s a humongous group of people that in this experience were the most kind,helpful and respectful. This group of people are the campers they welcomed us with a smile and respected our background, they made this experience even more memorable than it was supposed to be.

This experience made my experience better than it was supposed to be, I thought that it would not change me that much but it happened the other way I changed a lot. My responsibility increased in an extraordinary way, my shyness disappeared almost completely because I’m still a little shy, my independence increased a lot. This experience gave me new opportunities principles and friendships.

Camp is where I had to learn from myself and from the other people that were at camp. My experience was awesome and every day I thought on what my coach tells me in every basketball match “try to score in the worst case you wont make it but in the best case you will score” and that is what happens at camp I had a ton of opportunities and I had to reach for them, these applicates to what my coach always says I have to go for the opportunity in the worst case I wont like it but in the best case I loved it, but what is most likely to happen at camp is you will like it.

Because I loved every second of it.