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Participation and Peace Building

 In Colombia young people have multiple problematics, caused by a lack of opportunities and violence.

Each year at least 1500 young people are trained in participation mechanisms and advocacy spaces, ensuring that they recognize themselves as subjects of rights and duties.

How we do that?

We empower young people helping them become agents of social change, providing them with opportunities for youth organization and training in leadership, public policy, mechanisms and spaces for participation, so that through youth initiatives they can access to spaces for advocacy and advocate for their rights.


Impacts of the YMCA’s work in the last three years:

–       3.258 Young people have developed skills and have tools to relate positively with others without opting for violence.

–   2.400 Young people have the tools to make assertive decisions for their life project.

–   3.445 young people trained as peace mediators

–   1.007 Leaders Graduated as managers of Peace and Coexistence dynamizing actions in their communities

–   3.348 Young people Trained in citizenship and mechanisms of political partipation that are recognized as subjects of rights and duties

–   457 Youth leaders participating in community spaces and citizen representation in their communities and municipalities, advocating for the rights, interests and needs of young people

Some programs:


Baloncolí is a sport born in 1993 in El Hogar Colina Amigo in the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia. It is a pedagogical innovation which integrates eight sports with their rules all combined. It seeks less aggression among the participants without losing the passion. Baloncolí creates and recreates, educates in respect, understanding and acceptance for the other. Baloncolí improves participants’ life quality by making them healthier due to the sporting habits acquired and more disciplined people since practicing a sport demands discipline. Baloncolí helps people be more tolerant, respectful, friendly and open to dialogue, which generates a better coexistence.

Peace Modules

They are a pedagogical tool to sport teachers, for the strengthening of communication competences in English.

Similarly, they seek to promote collective work within the participants in an enviroment practical and experiential dialogue, so that they can become local change agents and peace ambassadors through the reflection of good coexistence, repect and happiness.